Is There Any Cost For A Tenant To Use SwingSpace?
There is no cost to use SwingSpace. It is free to search and compare spaces. If you lease space on SwingSpace, there is no fee paid by the tenant.
Is There Any Cost For A Landlord To Use SwingSpace?
SwingSpace charges a nominal fee for filming your space and only receives a fee if a tenant leases space through SwingSpace.
How Does SwingSpace Make Money?
If a tenant leases through SwingSpace, the Landlord/Lessor pays our fee. Like a brokerage fee, the fee paid to SwingSpace is already part of the rental rate.
Can I Post My Extra Space on SwingSpace And Work With A Real Estate Broker?
Yes. The SwingSpace Posting Agreement is non-exclusive. SwingSpace offers Landlords/Lessors and Brokers another marketing channel for finding tenants to lease space.
If I Register for SwingSpace, Can I Work With Another Real Estate Broker?
Yes. When you register, you are only obligated to use with SwingSpace for the spaces posted on our platform.
Is Lucca Really An Officer of SwingSpace?
Yes. She dutifully walks to work daily, guards the office and dispenses love to all (except delivery people).