Photo of Richard McBride

Richard McBride

Co-Founder & CEO

Richard is a native Washingtonian and Georgetown University graduate with 30+ years of commercial real estate experience. In 2002 Richard borrowed a desk in a friend’s office and founded McBride Real Estate Services, Inc., now one of DC’s top commercial real estate companies. Throughout his career, Richard has striven to apply new technologies in commercial real estate including creating the first computerized office lease analysis in 1983, founding a VAR (Systems Engineering Solutions) to support his client’s IT needs in the 1990’s, building a client services intranet in the 2000’s and developing a full suite of proprietary analytical tools exclusively for McBride’s brokers and clients.

Richard is also a life-long athlete and avid surfer, whose passion for surfing far exceeds his skill at riding waves.

Photo of Zak Kidd

Zak Kidd

Co-Founder & COO

From Los Angeles California, Zak first moved to Washington DC after graduating from Harvard University and Morehouse College. Zak started dupontstudios in 2013 to help leading organizations create films and develop software.

Prior to dupontstudios, Zak worked in private equity investments in the technology and energy sectors for Invemed and Vantis Capital.

Photo of Samantha Buzaid

Samantha Buzaid

Market Maker

Samantha is originally from Connecticut and moved to Washington, DC after attending Washington College. After starting her career in commercial real estate for two top companies in DC, she decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and join the SwingSpace team.

Samantha plays tennis in her free time and is a self-proclaimed competitive indoor cyclist.

Photo of Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Market Driver

Bridget is from Annapolis, MD and attended The College of William and Mary. Parting from colonial cities, she spent a year in Dallas, TX to implement and grow the sport of lacrosse. With creative outreach as a constant interest, she also involved herself with an ad agency downtown. She made her way back to the DMV in a sales role at a local retail startup. Craving to initiate such a tipping point in a new market, commercial real estate, she joined the SwingSpace team.

Bridget, a former D-1 varsity lacrosse player at the College, still enjoys interval training and is an aspiring sous chef and doodler in her free time.

Photo of Lauren Herron

Lauren Herron

Marketing Associate

Originally from South Mississippi, Lauren moved to Washington, DC with an eagerness to find new opportunities. She quickly began working for an e-commerce company and was focused on finding confidence in her marketing and authenticity. When the opportunity arose to join the SwingSpace team, Lauren was enthusiastic to start a new chapter as an innovative thinker and to help expand the brand into new markets.

Lauren is inspired by DC's power and architectural beauty and has a love for cooking that she inherited from her Father. Soul and Southern charm help her in finding success.

Photo of Lucca the Dog


Chief Security & Employee Morale Officer

Lucca is a Jack Daniels Terrier rescued from West Virginia. She is an expert in receiving belly rubs who diligently monitors and greets all team members and visitors at our offices. Woe to the unfamiliar delivery person who dares to cast a shadow on her doorstep. Lucca’s warning bark will send icicles of terror into their spine, stopping them dead in their tracks…until they see 15 lbs. of cuteness trotting towards them. While Lucca has boundless love for humankind, she is also a huntress of renown and a known as an SKK (Stone Kold Killa) in rural areas.

Mortal danger lurks for any moles, voles, rabbits, rats or chickens happening into her sights. The entire SwingSpace team works in peace, knowing that they are utterly safe from any dangers below the knee.